Monday, December 1, 2008

Scary, but good

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

Ours was super busy, and of course I have come down with a terrible chest cold! I'm going to see a doctor sometime today.

As for the title, on Saturday after I got home from acupuncture I noticed a spot of bright red blood when I wiped. Of course I was terrified, but I tried to remain calm. I called the RE and he assured me that it is very common, but told me if I was scared I could come in on Sunday morning for an u/s. I rested for most of the afternoon Saturday and have not had any more bleeding.
We went for the u/s Sunday which was 5w5d. Before he preformed the scan he told us what to expect. He said that he felt it was too early for a heartbeat. He said he would like to see a gestational sac in the uterus and maybe we could see a yolk sac inside it which would be a very good sign.
He scanned and said "there's a nice looking sac in the uterus, and there's another one!" Both pregnancies had visible yolk sacs, but he was right that it was too early for heartbeats. After the scan he explained all about vanishing twin syndrome, and we know the risks, but for now TWINS!!!!

So, for now everything is good and we're scheduled for our 7wk u/s on Dec 9. I'm still nervous, but taking it one day at a time.



Jill said...

How WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations!!!

anna said...

*Huge grin*
That is just remarkable!! Truly glorious and wonderful.
Many many congratulations to you and DH.

Best wishes and God Bless,