Monday, September 29, 2008

IVF # 2 Calendar

Cancun was incredibly HOT!!! The massage I had at the Spa was amazing, and all in all it was very relaxing.

I started my cycle on Wednesday September 24 so I started BCP's and antibiotics on Friday September 26. I got my calendar today and I am scheduled to begin Lupron on Thursday October 9th at 10 IU. I'll finish BCP's on October 16, baseline ultrasound on October 24, start Gonal F 375IU/day on October 25. My first monitoring will be October 29, and my retrieval and transfer will be around Nov 5-11.

I am ready to get started again, but am of course nervous and unsure if I can handle any more disappointment. I'm trying to be positive and am cutting out caffeine and trying to eat according to my Fertility Diet plan.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sorry for the delay in posting. I was terribly upset that I didn't ovulate. I am feeling better now.

Let me explain the title. On Sunday we had winds in Ohio over 70mph. My hubbie and I helped my grandparents and a neighbor get all of their patio furniture and stuff put away and then headed home. We secured most everything, but as the wind picked up Dave went out to fasten down the roof on the garage and I went out to the side yard just to make sure we had everything taken care of. Well just as I walked toward the house a HUGE, I mean HUGE tree came down on me, my car, and the house. I crawled out and I am very blessed to report that I only have a mild concussion, and some bad scrapes and bruises. I'm going to be fine and I am at a point in the cycle that it won't be affected.

I have a FREE trip to Cancun that I will leave for on Monday with my Mom and I am excited! I need the break to relax and unwind before the IVF begins!

Hope all is well.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Progesterone of less than 1. No ovulation.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Still Waiting....

I went for my progesterone blood test this morning. It was very anti-climactic, just a regular old blood draw. The tech confirmed that I won't have results until tomorrow, so the wait to see if we've even got a shot continues. I'll keep you posted. . .


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Over-Analyze Every Single Possible Symptom

Hi everyone,

As of today I am still very hopeful! (Probably too hopeful.) I really feel like a miracle is possible for us this time.

I hate though that my crazy mind focuses on every twinge I feel as a possible early predictor of the outcome. My head calculates when I could test, when I would be due, how long into pregnancy I would work, ad infinitum. It is WAY TOO EARLY for any of that, but I cannot stop the thoughts.

Anyway, the days are passing quickly and I'm looking forward to, rather than dreading, the progesterone test on Monday.

Please keep the prayers coming my way!


Monday, September 1, 2008

So Far, So Good

I took my shot at 6:15am on Saturday morning. Have I mentioned how much I hate IM shots!?! I survived and we went on to have a good day at an annual flea market that my hubbie was really looking forward to.

Ovulation occurs 36 hours after the HCG shot, so we planned timed intercourse for around 5:30. Romantic isn't it? Our schedule worked out fine and so we are now officially in the two week wait. I'm lucky that I get a progesterone blood test next Monday to confirm ovulation and see if there's even a chance. So I guess it's really a one week wait and see!

I'm ready for a miracle-please pray for us!