Friday, June 27, 2008

Swamp Thing

Our swimming pool was crystal clear and beautiful for the first seven days and then it went wacko! After tons of more chemicals and some time it is looking better-but it has been so frustrating!

I have been taking Provera for two days now, I have eight more to go, to start a new cycle. I am going to be taking 200mg of Clomid this go round, hopefully I'll get some good eggies!

So, for now we're in a holding pattern-just living our lives and trying to save every penny.


Friday, June 20, 2008

This one's over!

This cycle is over--150mg of Clomid did not produce a follicle large enough for me to ovulate. This has happened to me before and Dr. Williams wants to try 200mg next month to see if it will produce any better result. I am a little bummed, but it isn't too bad. I think that we MAY be able to afford another round of IVF in September. Our raffle is being held on July 4th and the drawing is growing every day. If anyone still wants tickets please email me. The address is


Monday, June 16, 2008

High Expectations

I know better--or at least I should! I had very high expectations for this Clomid cycle that are plummeting FAST! You could probably guess that my eggies aren't doing so hot. I only have a 7 on the left, and an 8 on the right. They need to be 18-22mm in order to be mature. He want's to remeasure on Friday to see if I'm going to ovulate.

I feel okay-just frustrated that it can NEVER be simple and easy!


Summer Fun and Growing Eggs

Happy Monday! I had a wonderful weekend! The water was delivered for our swimming pool on Friday and Saturday so after nearly three years we have managed to save the pool and finally get to enjoy it!

On Saturday I went to a family graduation party for my 2 cousins who just finished their college degrees. It was a terriffic time and I was glad to spend time not fretting about infertility!

We spent Father's Day at my Grandparents' house with the family. My Grandpa has made a nearly complete recovery and I am so grateful to see him enjoying life again. In the afternoon we came home for a dip in the COLD pool and a couple of my cousins and thier husbands came over. I am going to LOVE all of the entertaining this pool will allow me to do!

As far as the cycle I am on day 12 and I go this afternoon to check to see if any eggs are ready to trigger. I am having some tenderness and pain on both sides, so maybe I'll get lucky and have more than one!

I'll post results later.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The All Clear

I went for my second HSG (dye test) today. I had one several years ago and at that time they could only see one tube clearly. Today both tubes and my uterus were clear of all blockages and abnormalities. The HSG test is also supposed to increase pregnancy rates for 3-4 months so I'm excited about that too.

Today is cycle day six and I am on the 4th of 5 days of Clomid. I can feel the effects of the drug. I have a lot of nervous anxious energy and feel sort-of mean and intolerant. These side effects seem to be worse than the gonadatropins in relation to my emotions. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Beginning

Well today is officially the beginning of our first cycle of Clomid in several years. I am pretty optimistic and I think I will feel even better after I see the results of the HSG. I will begin Clomiphene Citrate on Saturday and continue until Wednesday. My HSG is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon! I will update about my progress through the cycle! Wouldn't it be amazing if we didn't have to do another IVF?????


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sun is shining!

The sun has been shining here for several days and I feel like it is reaching my heart as well. Each day brings a brighter outlook. As much as I dreaded having to wait and save this time has given my heart some time to heal.

I am about three or four days away from the beginning of my cycle. I will take Clomid 150mg on cycle days 3-7 and I will also have ultrasound monitoring to confirm ovulation since that is one of the few things my insurance will pay for. I am also going to have a repeat HSG (dye test) to make sure my tubes and uterine cavity are clear of adhesions. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic. I have gotten pregnant on Clomid before (m/c), and it would be amazing if that happened and we didn't have to go through another IVF. Also, while each negative hurts my heart, the Clomid cycles aren't nearly as bad as the IUI and IVF. They don't put the financial strain on us and that relieves some of the emotional burden.

This past Saturday was my cousin's baby shower. Thank God it came this far after our negative--I felt ready to handle it. It was difficult at times, but my family are my biggest supporters and advocates, and while they don't always understand they always try. Despite the difficulty I really did have a good time. My cousin will me a terrific Momma and while she did not experience infertility her life has not been free from heartache. She lost her Dad really young. The closer she comes to delivery time the more acceptance and peace I have.

I am really looking forward to this little girl, after all I am doing all of this for the joy of a baby--I might as well take as much joy as possible from this new little one!